Top Four Favourite Fragrances

I’ve been a bit of a perfume hoarder for quite a while now. I’m that person who buys a perfume, and then realise I love it and go and buy a back up.
I also realise that fragrances are such a personal thing, so just because I love one, you may not like it.

So here are my top four fragrances! I would do more, but if I wrote about my entire collection this post would be very long.


Katy Perry Indi EDP 

Katy Perry Indi was a perfume that I bought during a Priceline fragrance sale. I tested it in store and instantly fell in love. It reminds me of a rollerball TokiDoki perfume I have that I bought in Sephora US 7 years ago and have been scared to use, but now I’m not.

The perfume bottle is very simple, but also quite elegant with just black and white tones. On the side of the bottle it says ‘Put the U in Individual’ which is actually super cute. I love anything with positive affirmations / quotes, so I really love this addition.

For the 100mL bottle it will set you back about $69 AUD, which is definitely a high price. It’s a really nice fragrance, but I wouldn’t pay $69 for a perfume at all, unless it was a high-end one. I would say the price will be dropping shortly though, because a Series 2 of this fragrance is launching soon.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: White Tea & Oriental Plum.
  • Heart: White Cedarwood & Lily.
  • Base: Amber, Vanilla & Musks.

I can definitely smell the vanilla and musk undertone in this. I personally love anything with a vanilla scent so I think that is why I love this one so much.
To me it smells so fresh and soft, while also having that punch to it. I think it would be perfect for night time wear.


Shawn Mendes Signature 

Not going to lie I bought this due to the fact that Shawn Mendes created it. I’m a massive fan of his so kind of needed this one added to my collection.

The bottle of this perfume is so elegant and classy. It is clear, so you can see how much of the fragrance you have inside. I personally love this as you can see when you’ve almost run out and need to buy a new one.
The lid is meant to mimic a guitar string being wrapped around it, and then a guitar pick hangs off it with the initials ‘SM’. I just love how his background and music is woven through the perfume.

Shawn Mendes’ perfume retails for about $49 AUD for a 100mL bottle.  That is super super cheap

This fragrance was inspired by Shawn’s passion for music and his Canadian roots. So the ingredients were chosen according to both resonate with this, and have elements that the fans would love as well.

Fragrance Notes: 

  • Top: Lemon Oil, Pineapple, McIntosh Apple
  • Middle: Frangipani, Sugar Maple Accord, Rose Petals
  • Base: Dulce de Leche, White Cedar, Skin Musk

The best part about this fragrance is that it’s suited for both men and women to wear. So if you like it, and so does your partner, he can wear it as well! I love all of the additions of these gender neutral perfumes to today’s fragrance market.

Also, I’ve just found out he’s launching a Series II of the perfume! So definitely going to be needing that one as well.


One Direction Our Moment  

This is actually one of the first perfumes that I ever fell in love with. I was obsessed with One Direction for years, so when they launched their first perfume I jumped at wanting to own it (they actually have 4 perfumes). I also just realised they released this perfume in 2013 O_O.

I couldn’t actually find this stocked anywhere, but I did find a three piece set at Priceline for $19! That’s got a rollerball, body wash and body lotion which all smell amazing as well.

The packaging of this is a bit more fun, with the tulle on the top and the crown shaped lid. It looks to me very royal inspired, and I just love how different it is to any of the other perfumes I own.

  • Top: Pink grapefruit, wild berries, redcurrant
  • Middle: Freesia, jasmine petal, frangipani
  • Creamy musk, sheer woods, white patchouli

I’m siting here trying to think of a way to describe this perfume and I am honestly stuck. To be honest it is quite floral, but also has that berry undertone to it. It smells good, but probably is a more day-time scent, than night time. It’s very fun and vibrant.

Also if you’d like to have some laughs I’d recommend watching their perfume commercials. They are definitely very peculiar haha.


So…? Vanilla Milkshake Body Mist*

This is any vanilla lovers dream fragrance. It smells like a vanilla milkshake in a fragrance and I just love it so much. It’s very strong, but just packs that vanilla punch that smells like dessert.

The website says that it is a truly classic fragrance that contains notes of sweet vanilla, peach and plum. Which to me even just sounds like a dream combination.

This fragrance is actually a body mist, and comes in a plastic container. It reminds me of my high school days when I would use deodorants. It is just so fun and super super cute. It would also be easy to travel with as it is plastic, and you wouldn’t be worrying about a glass bottle breaking.


So that’s all for my top four favourite and essential fragrances. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these yourself, or what your favourite perfumes are!

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.37.48 pm


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