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This month I sat down with @Rolly.Mag from Instagram and WordPress. I first came across her account, after she asked me a few questions about my University degree. Since then we’ve pretty much spoken every single day!

Her account is a combination of flatlays, reviews, chatty style posts and also a large amount of Instagram Stories featuring sales.  She talks about sales and bargains happening at different stores, and also what she’s bought. I have never felt such a big need to spend my entire pay check, than after watching her stories… but I secretly love it.

She is seriously one of the sweetest and even though you may not know her name or what she looks like, trust me her account is worth a big follow!
She also recently hit 1K on Instagram, and I’m so excited to see what the future has in store for her!

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What inspired you to start your Instagram?
I have always loved reading magazines and it’s was my childhood dream to be an editor at Cosmo or Dolly. But with the folding of many of my favourite magazines, I turned to blogs. And I knew I had to be a part of it!

How long have you had your account? 
I started my account on December 29th so have had Instagram and my blog for about 7 months.

What do you hope to achieve with your Instagram? Any aspirations? 
I’ve just reached 1000 followers and honestly that is mind blowing to me! I’ve already achieved so much more worth my Instagram than I ever thought possible! Looking ahead, I would love to be able to provide discount codes to my followers for some of my favourite brands.
I create content for free, but people also support me for free. I’d love to give back- and I think a discount code is a great way to do that!

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What makes you want to hide your name and face from your audience? I used to be exactly like this so I completely understand. But I’d love to hear from someone else as to why they’ve decided to do it. Mine was because I’m super insecure. 
Ohhh I like this question! Honestly, I would LOVE to show my face haha- if I did, you’d probably get sick of me! I’d always be on stories!
At the moment I don’t because of my “day job”. Privacy is important to me at my workplace and I think it would get complicated if my blog and my work ever mixed (as in, if someone recognised me!)

What is your ultimate goal in life?
I wish I knew! I haven’t found my “calling” yet, but I would love to have my name in the credits of a film one day.
It’s actually really scary to admit that to the Internet.
Every time I go to the cinema I remind myself that I want to work in film. But I have no idea how to even get a toe in the door of that industry. So, we’ll see!

What are some of your biggest passions in Life?
My dog. Not joking.

What do you like to do when you’re not on Instagram? What are your hobbies?
When I’m not on Instagram, I’m usually cuddling my puppy. Although I also do that when I am on Instagram. Seriously, my puppy Lola is everything. I’m always playing and looking after her. My blog kinda is my hobby haha! My life right now is Lola, blog, work, friends, family, repeat. And I’m happy with that!

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What is your favourite content to create?
I feel like I’m still so new to the blog and Instagram world and I haven’t yet found my “style” when it comes to content. But I love a bag spill picture, and writing reviews. Oh, actually!!! I love my “Week Latte” posts- that style on blog post so always my favourite to read because I find new people to follow through them! And so I like to do the same.

If you could take an Instagram photo anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 
Oh my gosh… you ask the tricky questions! At this stage in my life, I would say the Glossier showroom in NYC. Lol, so cliche but I think it’s a really inspirational space (from what I’ve seen!) and it’s making beauty history! I love the simplicity of that brand.

What do you love about shopping? Because we both know you love it… and I’ve been way too tempted to spend my entire pay after watching your stories. 
Shopping is addictive. It’s a problem. But I’m working on it! I am like a magpie, I love shiny, new things. And I’m pretty good at justifying unnecessary purchases- that’s a skill.  I actually don’t like “shopping” per se (so many slow walkers, long lines etc etc- I’m not patient!), but I love having new things. My shopping habits have definitely increased since having my blog. I am always “window shopping” because I like to find the best deals to share with my followers. Beauty products are my weakness, but things like clothes and shoes I can easily turn down.

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What has been the biggest pinch yourself moment that you have had since starting your account?
Ah! There have been so many! Isabel from Five To Try had me as a guest blogger in my very early blogging days- she was so kind to offer me that experience!

Also when I was sent my first “hashtag gift” product from Catherine at V&Me Custom Designs. I can’t believe how generous and supportive this online community is!

What inspires you to keep going?
I’m a very driven person, and I believe that everything happens for a reason. If I’m having a bad day, I can easily move on because I know it won’t be like that forever. I’ve learnt a lot (and am still learning!) about the power of the mind and it’s automatic now for me to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s been a long road to get here though!

What is your favourite quote?
Live and let live

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What is your favourite makeup brand and why?
Don’t make me choose! I literally can’t! I do love Australian brands- Australis, Maarks Lip, OMShe, Lanolips etc!

What are some products that you regret buying?
Hmm, not a regret but a disappointment. I know I just said that I love Australis- and I do!!!- but their Midas Touch primer is, in my opinion, nothing amazing. It’s a serum-like primer that does nothing but leave fold flecks of glitter on your face. Not a fan.

If you could only take 3 items on a holiday, which ones would you take and why?

  • Lip balm! Of course! I would choose one from Nivea because honestly, those balms can do no wrong, and the added SPF is essential for holiday.
  • Neutrogena SPF- this is my all time fave and I wear it everyday. 
  • And finally… my Du’it VE+ cream. Literally love this stuff! If I was on holiday, I’d be packing light so this would double as a face cream and all over body moisturiser! 


Thank you so much to @Rolly.Mag for allowing me to interview her for my ‘Chat with…’ series. Don’t forget to check out her Instagram and blog.

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