L’Oreal Infallible 24Hr Fresh Wear Foundation*

L’Oreal’s Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear foundation has a formula that is meant to provide superior hold and moisturising comfort for a 24 hour flawless coverage. It’s meant to assist with fighting imperfections and shines, while also providing your skin with a finish where no touch ups are required. Basically your skin will be left truly infallible.

It’s been stated that it’s a gym suitable foundation, as it is both sweat, water and transfer resistant. Making it perfect for those hot and sweaty gym workouts. I haven’t tested it out with gym workouts, but I have worn it while playing Just Dance, which if you’ve played it you’d know it’s a workout in itself. After finishing this, the foundation looks a little more shiny, but it is still all on the face and the coverage hasn’t changed.

The only downside to this foundation is the shade range. There’s only a few shades, and they seem to cater more for that middle range skin tone. There’s little light and dark shades, which isn’t too great.
I’ve been using the shade 120 Vanilla, which is a little too dark for me sometimes, but I do find it’s also a perfect match. If you had lighter skin though, I think it might be a little hard to find a foundation match. 199CB0C9-F749-4008-B45A-58E359CE1482

The coverage of this foundation is medium-full, but is easily buildable. I often apply two layers, and I find that even with more foundation applied, the finish doesn’t become cakey, and instead remains dewy and flawless. I’m seriously so obsessed with how beautiful it looks on my face, I just can’t get enough of it. I’m also very in love with a full-coverage glam look, so you’ll often find I love a good full coverage look and this one definitely passes the test.

To apply, I use my favourite Real Techniques sponge. The use of a sponge means that it applies flawlessly, with no streaks or patches left on my face. Because it applies so well with a sponge, I haven’t tested it out with a brush.

I have done a number of wear tests on this foundation, both at home, work and University. No matter the situation I love it. It lasts at least 8 hours, and sometimes I’ve even worn it longer. I’ve noticed that the finish doesn’t change, and although when it passes the 8 hour mark it sinks into my smile lines, it still makes my skin look dewy and flawless. I do normally have foundations sink into my smile lines, so I don’t see this as a big issue for me.

I have tried a number of different primers underneath the foundation, and with each one it still looks the same. I’ve used pore-filling, glowy ones and a few others and it doesn’t alter the finish or coverage level. My favourite to pair with it though is the original Fenty primer.


This has become one of my all time favourite foundations. I’ve been reaching for it non-stop, because it makes my skin look so nice. Not to mention that it’s super quick and easy to apply, which means I can apply it quickly when I have limited time to get ready.

Have you tried this foundation? If you have let me know what your thoughts are.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 5.57.35 pm


Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 3.56.57 pm

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