Chat with… @Rolly.Mag – Part 2

Welcome back to another month of my ‘Chat with’ series. This month I’m doing something a little different by interviewing the same person twice! For July, I interviewed @Rolly.Mag as my featured blogger, and we both decided that we’d love to do a second part.

I’ve decided to focus on a few key points that were discussed in the previous ‘Chat with’ post. Some of her answers were super intriguing to me, so I’ve decided to focus on them for Part 2. I hope that you guys find that this post provides an even deeper insight into the person behind a blog.

She has also recently started her own Blogging BTS series, which focuses on highlighting what goes on behind the scenes in the blogging world. Think brands, collaborations and reviewing products, as you take a dive into her Instagram world.

Not to mention that this amazing girl right here recently sent me the Jeffree Star Blue Blood palette. I couldn’t even believe it! I don’t even think saying thank you enough times would express how much I value her friendship! I am so thankful everyday for the amazing people that I have met through this beauty community.

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 10.50.53 am.png

In Part 1, you said that you’d love to have your name in film credits one day. What category would you like to see it in? Are you an aspiring actor? Or would you prefer more of the production side of things? 
Noooo haha not an actor! I was a tortoise in my primary school play of “Tortoise and the Hare” and accidentally set off the smoke machine by sitting on it when I was backstage. So, instead- I’d love to do scriptwriting!

Are you a big film addict? 
I love going to the cinema, but I don’t watch movies all that often at home, because I often get too distracted! So I watch new movies at the cinema and then watch my faves on repeat at home. She’s The Man and Wild Child are my favourite movies and I’ve literally watched them a billion times!

Are you a book or film person? 
I enjoy both- but find it much easier to sit and read a book than sit and watch a movie- if that makes sense!

What is your all time favourite movie franchise? Do you have a specific movie within it that you love the most? 
I read The Hunger Games trilogy when I was about 13 and it literally consumed my life. I love it! And usually I’m just into some casual YA books/movies so this is intense for me! Part 2 of Mockingjay… agh all the feels.


If you could guest post on any blog, who’s would it be? 
So hard! Not a blog per se but I’d love to write for Man Repeller!

What’s your favourite topic to write blog posts on? 
Beauty! I find lifestyle posts easier to write but I love to challenge myself to write an informative beauty review or something like that. It keeps me on track rather than just rambling which I often do hahah.

If you could only write one style blog post for the rest of your life, what would it be? A chatty style, behind the scenes or reviews? 
Behind the scenes… these are becoming my new faves actually!


I know you have a big passion for listening to podcasts. So, if you had to choose between blog posts or podcasts, which one would it be? 
You ask such hard questions!! Blog posts, I think, just because I’ve been  reading them for so long whereas podcasts are relatively new to me! And often I choose music over podcasts anyways.

What’s your all time favourite podcast?
You Beauty!!!!!!!!!! Actually a fangirl of that podcast hahah. Omg new life goals, be on You Beauty! As a guest and a host


What are some of your favourite stores to shop at? 
Priceline and Kmart. I’m a simple gal.

What’s one of your all time favourite purchases? 
Well, my Guess Bag I got for Christmas last year was like my fave thing until I got a new Peta and Jain bag from TK Maxx recently and omg it’s so roomy! Obsessed.

What was the inspiration behind your Behind The Scenes series? 
I was always asking my blog/IG friends for advice, and we always came to the conclusion that there is no rule book when it comes to the online world. Soooo, in an effort to clear the waters a bit, I wanted to share my experiences with working with brands etc. It’s often very taboo and secretive and I can find that a bit frustrating as a consumer. So as a creator, I want to be very transparent.

What is something you wish would be more readily discussed among bloggers? 
How they get “hashtag gifted” products. Are the brands reaching out to them? Or are the bloggers reaching out to the brands?

What’s something you’ve discovered about blogging since starting it? 
Hmm… it’s better than I imagined actually. I’ve made some incredible connections with other bloggers and I actually considered that part of blogging before I started it.

It’s lonely in a sense that these connections often don’t extend beyond the screen but also incredibly collaborative.

What else have you got planned for the series in the future?
I’m excited to have bloggers I love (ahem Cortney!!) featured on my blog sharing their own “Blogging BTS”. I am a bit nervous about it though… because I’ll be asking people to open up about something in my platform, not the safety net of their own blog… but I think we all have stories to tell so it’s exciting.




Thank you again to @Rolly.Mag for coming back for a Part 2! I’ve really enjoyed being able to gain a deeper insight into your life Behind the Scenes.

Don’t forget to check out her Blog and Instagram by clicking on the links. They’re definitely worth a follow!

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