Priceline Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas season is quickly approaching and the shopping centres are getting busier. Which means it’s time to get across your Christmas shopping! I know it’s often something that a large amount of people dread, but I actually enjoy going out and purchasing gifts for people. So because I love it so much I’ve decided to compile a number of Christmas Gift Guide’s for some of my favourite stores. I’ll slowly be uploading them before Christmas, so keep an eye out for a few of them coming soon.

Priceline is one of my favourite shopping destinations. Not only do they have great sales, but they also have a large selection of products for everyone you know. From beauty to fragrance packs, there’s something to please even the Christmas Scrooges in your life.
I recently went into my local Priceline store to purchase a few items to show you. But I’ll also be including a list of some other products which caught my attention while in store.

Also to make this Christmas season that much easier, Priceline have launched two sized gift boxes. Gift wrapping is a thing of the past with these beautifully decorated boxes adorned with a ribbon inspired pattern and silver stars.
The medium box is $0.75c and the large $1.00, making them cheaper then purchasing wrapping paper. Not to mention that they’ll look beautiful under any tree.


Christmas Present Under $25*

The products included below are those that I purchased while in store. This present doesn’t necessarily have a particular age bracket in mind, but for myself I see this as being ideal for the tween age group, all the way up too older adults. It would also be an ideal gift if you are unsure of what an individual may like, or even for a Secret Santa.
All up the total came to $24, making it super affordable.

EcoPure Hand Cream Collection 
If you have someone in your life who loves beauty or is constantly complaining about their dry hands, this is perfect. There are three creams in the $10 EcoPure set, that will not only help to hydrate your skin, but each one contains a blend of essential oils to target certain situations and evoke feelings.

  • Purity: With a pomelo and bergamot essential oil blend
  • Quench: With a sweet orange, patchouli and cinnamon essential oil blend
  • Sleep: With a lavender essential oil blend

Peppermint Body Care Set
With cute packaging and mini sized products this peppermint themed hand and body care set is the perfect stocking stuffer. At only $5 and well presented I don’t think you can go wrong.

Nail Files 
As a cute little stocking filler or last minute addition to a present. At $3 I thought they went well with my hand care themed gift. Not to mention that the designs are cute for anyone of any age.

Walker’s Chocolates 
At Christmas time you can’t go wrong with chocolate, and instead of sticking to the traditional Cadbury or Lindt packs why not venture out and try something different? I’d never tried this brand before, but I’ve tried them now and they are so good. I’d definitely recommend buying them, and for only $2.99 how can you go wrong?! They also had big boxes available as well.

Sisterhood Foundation Chocolate Bear 
Not only do these chocolates look adorable, but they also go towards helping the Sisterhood foundation, which works to assist women and their families struggling with serious illness. For $2.99 it’s the perfect addition to a gift, and you’ll also be helping others this Christmas season.



Gift Guide Continued 

Essano Mini Me 5 Piece Gift Set
This set includes a Rosehip Clay Detoxifying Mask, Regenerating Facial Moisturiser 20mL, Argan Nourishing Shampoo 50mL, Argan Nourishing Conditioner 50mL and Gentle Facial Micellar Water 100mL. At the price of $25 it’s a really good deal. Not only does it include all of those products, but it also comes with a beauty bag to keep them all in.
It’s just an extremely practical present that someone can use over and over.

Burts Bees Treat Pot
If you’ve got someone in your life who has an obsession with lip balms, this is the way to go. This 4-pack includes two of their famous 100% natural lip balms, with one tinted lip balm, with all of them wrapped up and packaged in a glass honey jar. At $14.99 it’s super cute and affordable, when you consider the products individual prices.

Spascriptions Gel Wash-Off Masks
Instead of spending $100+ to gift someone a spa treatment, why not just gift them one they can do at home? At $19.99 this set includes 4 30mL masks with a rubber spatula for the application process. The different masks include gold, charcoal, cucumber and rose and all offer their own benefits.

Natio Hand Essentials
Natio is one of my go-to brands for Christmas gifts, so it’s no surprise that this hand cream set is on my gift guide. At $29.95 this is a more expensive hand cream set, but with the more spa experience orientated branding it does make sense. This pack includes 4 creams – Antioxidant Hand & Nail Cream, Wellness Hand Cream SPF15, Orange Blossom Hand Cream and Spa Heavenly Hand Cream.

Nude by Nature Splendour Moisture Infusion Lipgloss Vault
Whether you gift someone the entire vault, or split it up to make stocking stuffers, this Nude by Nature set is gorgeous. With natural colours it’s ideal for anyone of any skin tone and the gloss formula is everything and more. At $59.95 it’s a more expensive gift, but if you’re after high quality this is the perfect one.

Nude by Nature Lustrous Moisture Shine Lipstick 
A set that combines their famous moisturising lipstick formula suits all skin tones almost seems too good to be true, but it isn’t! Priced at $69.95 it’s probably more expensive than a lot of us would like to spend. But Nude by Nature lipsticks are such gorgeous quality that I’d almost pay it.

Revolution Chocolate Heart Set
Who can say no to a massive chocolate heart themed bundle of makeup? The chocolate bar themed palettes and chocolate heart shaped bronzer come packaged in a massive pink heart for $45.00. Although expensive for only including four products, the novelty of this item makes it a cute addition under a Christmas tree.

Revolution Advent Calendar
Why not gift someone with a present that keeps on giving? Although priced at a more expensive $80 this advent calendar is worth it. This set includes a mixture of 25 mini products, from brushes to lipsticks and even a full-size palette. Again, this is the perfect gift for one person, or unpack it to use the products as stocking stuffers.

Natio Bounce Foundation Sponges
A fun fact is that Natio was the first brand of beauty sponges that I ever used. I bought them repeatedly and only stopped using them after I was having trouble finding them. For $12.95 this set includes three sponges, each with different shapes for helping to blend out your products perfectly. It’s an adorable set and one I would recommend over and over again.

COACH Miniature Fragrance Set
Christmas is the time for minis and perfumes are no different, with this COACH fragrance set. Including four miniature bottles of perfume in the scents Coach EDP 4.5mL, Coach EDT 4.5mL and 2 x Coach Floral EDP 4.5mL, they all come packaged in an embossed pink themed box for $70.00

We also can’t forget the men in our lives, so I’ve got some gift ideas covered for them as well!

Handsome Shower Pack
Whether it’s for your partner or another man in your life, Handsome makes some of the best mens kits. I’ve bought them a few times for my dad and he’s loved them!
This shower pack contains their 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash and is all packaged up in a gift box for $29.95.

Handsome Voyage Gift Pack
If you’re introducing the man in your life to Handsome for the first time, this mini travel pack may be the way to go. For $19.99 it includes a mini Face Wash, Shampoo, Shave Gel and Moisturiser. It all comes in a bag they can reuse as well.

Barber Shoppe Shave Collection
Every man needs to shave, so why not let them do it in style? This shaving set includes Ceramic Shave Mug, Shave Brush, Shave Soap, Aftershave Balm and Beard and Hair Wax. They’ll be looking brand new and smooth faced in no time. It’s also only $20.00, which is cheaper than going to the Barber shop!

LYNX Collection Gift Set
LYNX Christmas sets are always my go-to for presents and this one will be no different. For $19.99 it includes five 155mL bottles of LYNX, all inside a bucket. Think their famous Black, Black Night, Africa, Dark Temptation and Ice Chill.




That’s all for my Priceline Gift Guide for this year. But if you’re looking for some more ideas, I’d definitely recommend going in store as there’s a lot more products there than online.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 5.57.35 pm

*DISCLAIMER – Priceline provided myself with a Gift Card to go in store and purchase products of my choice. However, all views and opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own. No sponsorship or money was provided for this review.
*Links in this review may be affiliate.
Please note that Makeup with Cortney is not a professional, so please do not take any opinions or advice in these articles, and substitute them for professional advice.

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