Top 10 Favourite Makeup Products of 2019

Yet another year has flown by before us. If you asked me where 2019 has gone, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Last time I checked it was New Year’s Day and I had a big year ahead of me, with so many goals to achieve. But here I am now, with less than a month of 2019 to go.

It’s crazy that I’m sitting here writing another favourite products of the year post. It feels like I’d just finished writing last years, and yet here I am again. In saying that, these are one of my favourite posts to write. I enjoy looking back and seeing all of the products I tried, tested and reviewed throughout the year and what ones I would declare my favourites out of them all. This year there’s quite a few products vying for the top spots in each category. So instead of choosing my favourite product from each step of my makeup routine, I’ve decided to just include my top ten. Because honestly if I didn’t cut it back, we might be here forever…

2019 was a good year for a lot of products. I don’t feel that I tried many products that I was repulsed at or absolutely hated. In fact, there were probably a lot of holy grail discoveries, which is big in itself.


Fenty Pro’Filtr Primer 
This joining the list comes as a bit of shock to me, as this primer was marketed as having a matte finish. I’m not normally someone to like products with a matte finish due to my dry skin, but for some reason I purchased it anyway. Surprisingly, I found that it didn’t seem to give a matte look to my skin, but instead more of a satin look. I don’t know if it’s just because of the products I’m putting on top or what’s happening, but the matte isn’t very present when I wear it.
What I’ve really come to love about this primer is how it blurs my pores and makes any product look beautiful. It also helps with the longevity of the products I apply on top. The only downside is that sometimes it leaves my skin feeling a little dry and causes product to sink into my fine lines. But for me, even with these things considered, it’s still one of the best primers I’ve tried all year.

L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Fresh Wear Foundation 
This claims the absolute top spot of my favourite products of 2019. Honestly, words probably could not even explain how much I fell head over heels in love with this. But what makes it even better is that this isn’t a high-end product, it’s drugstore! Which is affordable and makes loving this all the much sweeter.
From full-coverage, to the satin and flawless finish it gives my skin I love every inch of this foundation. Not only is it also long-wearing, but it even lasts through gym workouts. The shade range was also perfect for me and left me with not one, but two shade matches! Normally finding one match is hard enough, but two just takes it up a notch.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 11.40.12 am.png

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation 
This foundation becoming a favourite is a big surprise for me. When I first tested it, I expected to dislike the finish, but instead I fell in love. Not only did the matte / semi-satin finish look gorgeous on my skin, but it also didn’t sink into fine lines. It’s long-lasting, doesn’t melt off during the heat and looks flawless from the moment I apply it, to the moment I take it off. Not to mention that the shade range is massive! Which gives it an even bigger tick from me, as it means I can find an actual shade match.

Makeup Revolution and SophX Highlighter Palette 
I love highlighters. So much so that I have gathered quite a serious collection. Because honestly, I can’t stop falling in love with new ones and then buying them.
This palette has become my favourite, because I can’t just limit myself to one highlighter. There’s so many shades, from white to pinks and even darker shades that could be used for darker skin tones or even as bronzers for those with lighter complexions.
Then we have the fact that all of the highlighters are insanely bright. I honestly believe that you could see my highlighted cheek bones from space when I wear them. They are just fantastic and I cannot even properly describe my love. Just know that my love is so big, that I do a little squeal every time I apply them, because they’re seriously that good.


Hourglass Ambient Blush in Mecca Glow 
Before Meccaland this year I hadn’t tried any Hourglass powder products. Absolutely, none at all. I’d always been scared of the price and to be honest thought it was possibly going to be one of those over-hyped brands. But once I tried it, I was gobsmacked with how beautiful the blush was. It was pigmented and blended beautifully. But my favourite part was that the colour was perfect for my pale skin. Sometimes blushes can leave me looking like a clown, but this one was the perfect mix of subtle and pigmented all in one. I’m seriously so impressed by this blush and will definitely be looking at expanding my collection.

The Quick Flick Winged Liner Stamps 
There are a lot of different colours, styles and sizes in The Quick Flick winged liner stamps, which makes it difficult to choose a favourite. So I won’t. I’ll talk about them collectively, because I love so many of them.
One thing about me is that without my glasses my vision is blurry. So I’ve never even attempted liner, let alone a wing, before trying out this brand. But now I can do both liner and a wing, which is a miracle in itself. Still though, sometimes I don’t even know how I manage to stamp it correctly. But what I love about these stamps is that the liner is really pigmented, smooth and also extremely long-lasting. Once applied and it’s dried, it won’t budge. Which makes it ideal for when I go to work and might be sweating. Gross I know, but to me it’s how I know if products work or not. For me they have to survive at work.


Anastasia Beverly Hills x Norvina 
This palette was introduced into my collection after I saw so many people in the beauty community raving about it. So when Sephora had a sale on it, I scooped it up.
At first my expectations weren’t that great, but after those first uses and swatches I was head over heels in love. The shadows were very pigmented, blended beautifully and just looked amazing in both swatches and on the lid. Not to mention that I loved the colour variety in the palette and the options that would allow me to create a number of different looks from it. Also, the velvet finish of the palette gets a big thumbs up from me.

ColourPop Double Entendre Palette
Choosing one palette from ColourPop as my favourite is a very tough decision. I love all of the ones in my collection for so many different reasons, so it’s really hard to choose, just one to take my top spot. But then again if I had to, it would probably be the OG palette, Double Entendre. It was the first one I owned from the brand, which gives it a special place in my collection.
What I love most about their palettes is that no matter when I’ve bought a product, the quality has been the same. The shadows are pigmented, not too powdery, easy to blend and just beautiful. Not to mention that their shade range and colour story in each palette, even including the outside packaging are impeccable. They’re the palettes I always find myself gravitating towards, so it’s no surprise that they would be in my yearly round up.


NARS Climax Mascara 
There were a lot of mixed reviews about this one. Even for me the first few times I used it, I didn’t like the mascara at all. It wasn’t really until about the fifth try that I started to see why some people liked it. It gave my lashes volume, but didn’t leave them looking caked in product. It also gave curl and length, but still left my lashes looking thin. I didn’t find that it clumped up and instead my lashes were left looking natural, even when they actually had product on them. It did give me panda eyes, but so many mascaras do this to me, so I think it might just be something with my eyes. Other than that though the formula was long-lasting and was quite waterproof. Although, I wouldn’t say completely waterproof, as it does still smudge.

Milk Makeup Kush Mascara 
I know what you’re thinking… Two mascaras in my top ten?! Yep!
I might have only had a small sample size tube of this, but that tube was enough for me to fall in love. Not only did this mascara leave my lashes looking double the size, but they were also separated and left with a slight curl. The formula is long lasting, and even though it does leave panda eyes, the way it makes my lashes look leaves me ignoring that.
The downside is that I can’t purchase this product in Australia, as it’s only in the USA. I wish that we would get Milk Makeup here, but in the meantime I’ll just have to continue thinking about how I wish I owned a full size.


That’s all for my favourite products of 2019 post. Yet again another year has flown by before us!
So what products did you try during 2019 that you fell in love with? I’d love to hear about them, so maybe I can try them!

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 5.57.35 pm


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Favourite Makeup Products of 2019

  1. Omg Cortney, I just read A Beauty Wanderer’s post and Roxane loved the Norvina palette too! it’s currently in my Beauty Bay cart…. I have so many palettes already though so I’m trying to have self control!! xxx


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