Revlon Candid Glow Foundation Review

During Priceline’s recent sale I had no intentions of purchasing anything other then the new Maybelline mascara. Entering the store I had my game plan and my horse blinders on, but somehow I got distracted and had this Revlon foundation fall into my basket. Then before I knew it my card was on the Eftpos machine and it was officially mine.

Since it’s launch Instagram has been full of a mix of both positive and negative reviews. It always intrigues me when there’s such a 50/50 response to a product, so in that Priceline store I thought why not give it a try. I wanted to see how it would work on my normal/dry skin, and whether it could possibly be a replacement of my much loved Revlon Pro-Glow foundation which was discontinued.

Revlon’s Candid Glow Foundation promises to provide a light coverage finish, with a natural glowed and dewy finish. The formula is skincare inspired and so contains moisture rich ingredients, such as prickly pear oil, antioxidants, anti-pollutants and blue light blocking ingredients.


Retailing for $24.95 AUD for 22mL of product it’s pretty good value. Considering how expensive some drugstore foundations are these days, I don’t think that this one is priced too badly. But I got it during the Priceline 1/2 price sale, so it only cost $12.50, which is a big bargain in my opinion.

The packaging is one thing that really sold me on purchasing it. While it’s not anything super fancy, the tube just screams practicality to me. The fact that it isn’t glass or a hard plastic makes it easy to travel with and also to throw in a handbag. Also, the fact that when it’s almost empty I’m able to cut open the top and get the remaining product out, which means no wastage. Because products that I can’t do this with annoy me with the waste.

Unfortunately, the shade range really lets this foundation down. With only nine available and majority of them leaning towards the medium skin tones, if you’re pale like me, or darker then it’s going to be a problem to find a match.
I ended up getting the shade 120, which is a neutral based shade, and somehow it matches me perfectly. But considering that the rest were mainly pink under-toned, I think that the average person might find it difficult to find a match.


For me applying this foundation with a sponge works the best. I’ve been using my
Real Techniques sponge and it blends it out flawlessly. I do find that product is absorbed into my sponge, but it’s the same with any product I use, so this isn’t a big negative for me.

The coverage of this foundation promises to be light-medium, and it is definitely that. However, I do find that it leans more onto the side of light. It’s also not the most buildable formula, so I feel that building it up to a medium coverage would be quite difficult. I find that I can boost the coverage my choosing a certain concealer to use over certain points of my face. But other than that it’s a natural look. I’m not normally someone who goes for light coverage, it’s normally full coverage or nothing for me, but somehow I’ve decided that I like this one. I believe the fact that it blends in with my skin and doesn’t look unnatural is why I do enjoy wearing it.



As I’ve been wearing it at home and work I’ve come to discover which primer works best underneath it. For me, the winner is the original Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer. As it fills in my pores and moisturises my skin, I feel that it allows the foundation to adhere better. I also find that this is the only primer I can use that will allow the foundation to stay on my nose. I did try a Smashbox one and it slid straight off. I have used this primer with other foundations and it’s been fine, so I think that it might just be a problem with the combination of the two.

The real wear test for me is while I’m at work. I work two retail jobs that are both physical, so if a foundation can last through that, then it’s good for me. The positive news is that it didn’t sweat off my face completely. However, I did notice that by the end of the day there were a few small patches where foundation had disappeared. They weren’t noticeable from far away, but I could see them in the mirror when I looked.

My absolute main negative is that this foundation is meant to be glowy and it’s not. Now for me glowy means that my face looks dewy and illuminated. But after applying it, it just didn’t live up to my expectations. Instead of providing my skin with an illuminated glow, it was very subtle and almost not noticeable. I was anticipating a product that was going to be similar to the L’Oreal Pro Glo, but instead I was left with it’s half sister. It was just super underwhelming. Although, in that being said maybe it’s the primers? Or maybe it really just isn’t glowy?

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 4.52.17 pm

Overall, I do love this foundation and will be continuing to use it. However, I probably wouldn’t repurchase it in the future. It’s good, but I’m sure there’s another drugstore foundation out there that’s just a little bit better.

Have you tried this Revlon foundation? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you found it.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 5.57.35 pm

3 thoughts on “Revlon Candid Glow Foundation Review

  1. You’ve told encapsulated how I feel about this too! It’s not glowy at all, lol. It’s very natural which I like, but I’ve worn it for nearly two weeks straight and feel like it’s nearly empty??? Not sure if I would repurchase or not yet. xxx


  2. I have this foundation too and I know exactly what you mean! Like it’s not a bad foundation but it doesn’t really fill the claims it has and seriously what is wrong with the shade range!
    Love your blog though!

    Katie |


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